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The Digital 'drobe


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The Digital 'drobe is a conscious clothing planner, designed to make you aware of what's in your wardrobe and the costs associated with every wear. Work out which clothes are benefitting you, where your wardrobe is lacking (and maybe where there is excess) to help get intentional with how you spend. 

This is made for the lazy cleaners, the organisational wizzes, and those who are ready to learn about their own spending and clothing habits. 

  • Track and organise what's existing in your wardrobe
  • See your cost per wear for each clothing item 
  • Visualise what your wardrobe is under/over representing 
  • Get a total cost of how much you've spent on your wardrobe, plus how much you've earnt back through wearing your pieces

On purchase, receive your personal link to the online spreadsheet. 

Any duplication or sharing of this document is prohibited.


Created by Cam and myself, Sam from Simple Studios. This product is filled with love and energy from our own passion for getting the most out of what you wear and living an ethical lifestyle to the best of our ability.


This is a digital product only, you will receive a download link after purchase

The Digital 'drobe



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