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Weekly Guided Meditation For Creative Business Owners And Entrepreneurs

Are you like me where you feel burnt out, yet you still take on more projects?Are you anxious, worrying about what’s to come?Are you feeling lost and unmotivated with your creativity? 

I’m thrilled to share with you that we’re launching a new weekly guided meditation for creative business owners — in collaboration with Caroline from Daily Dose Meditation. Caroline's guided meditations are designed to help you, build a practice, learn the art of patience, cultivate community, have accountability and increase your creativity.

After Caroline finished school she soon felt overwhelmed by the pressure to tick all the boxes of needing to live up to society's version of success.

Through this uncertainty Caroline developed her own self sufficient meditation practice and it has been the kindest thing she’s done for herself. Caroline now teaches Awareness Insight Meditation, a practice adopted by Claire Robbie.

Through difficult times with transitions, mental and physical health, pandemics, starting a business, new relationships, new cities and homes, financial uncertainty, meditation has been her anchor.

Meditation has helped with her skin, fatigue, digestion and consuming mind chatter yet most of all it’s taught her acceptance and patience, it’s allowed her to feel more joy, tap into her creativity and feel comfortable and at home within herself. No longer running and instead backing and believing in herself. 

The coolest thing about this practice is all you need is yourself. In a world where we have so much going on around us, to need nothing but ourselves is something really quite invaluable!

Meditation and creativity are closely linked and it’s something I’ve wanted to work towards building into a daily practice for myself. The mission for Simple Studios is to inspire, connect and support creative business owners to industry experts so this collaboration with Caroline feels like the perfect experience to be offering to you. Coming to you every Wednesday for four weeks. Starting 27th July 2022, 7:00 - 7:30am. To join us sign up here. I hope we see you there!


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