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Milly Mead

Milly and I met through a self development course, her and I found to have a natural organic connection and have been collaborating ever since. We had a chat about her business and what it is that inspires her to get creative, enjoy!

What is your business?

I’m an Australian commercial photographer specialising in architecture and interiors. I am interested in sustainable design and ways of living - I love learning about and capturing the relationship between built spaces and nature. 
This approach extends to my personal photography practice, which involves capturing and documenting a space in the ocean where women value connection, collectivity and celebration towards one another, it’s something I have never experienced so instinctively before. It’s this common unspoken understanding that there's a belonging within each other because of our own unique connections to the ocean.

Who are you and why do you love being creative?

I am a photographer, surfer, friend and collaborator. I value connection, integrity and joy and I bring those values to all aspects of my life, especially my creativity. 
I love being creative because I get to experience those values so intensely when I am making. You just have to catch me in the water on a Sunday morning, taking images of my friends riding waves to see the joy it brings me, this is my happy place. 


What inspired you to start your brand?


I’ve been photographing since I was a teenager, so I’ve always had a natural love for capturing the world through a lens. But when it came time to actually turn my passion into a job, I was inspired by the women I saw around me who were established in their own careers and working as full time commercial photographers. Some of these women gave me a foot in the door to the industry and shared their creative process, how they got started as well as the imposter syndrome that they too experience. 


Any advice for a creative woman wanting to explore their creativity but has no idea where or how to begin?


My advice is to start by exploring what brings you joy. Defining this for yourself creates an ownership of your creative process and it doesn’t matter how messy it gets or how long it takes. What you create cannot be compared to anyone else because it is uniquely yours. 

Look for it in unexpected places - maybe it’s a colour, a ritual, a person or a physical space. Start exploring there and rather than putting pressure on yourself to create a final, polished piece of work, focus on and find joy in the process. 

When I find I'm comparing myself to other creatives, I try coming back to the joy I've found for my creativity when in the water with my camera - it doesn't actually matter if most of the shots are blurry because I have so much fun in the process.


Find more of Milly’s work on instagram here or her website here


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