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Meet Cam

Hey I'm Cam, the newest addition to Simple Studios! I met Sam last Summer through Sarah (my good friend and Sam’s-boyfriend's-sister) where she told me about what she does and her mission to authentically support creatives after her Mum passed away. The things Sam spoke about stuck with me and I often thought about what a powerful story it was and the potential it had to change lives - not only the lives of new creatives but women as a whole. About a month ago, I reached out on a whim and it just so happened that Sam was looking into hiring someone (talk about divine timing!).

I am hugely passionate about giving women a platform to show their skill and to offer them a place where their hard work will be recognised and appreciated - something that is so important in today's climate. I’m now based in Wellington and am transitioning into taking care of sales and marketing for the beautiful products that the Simple Studios creatives make. Sam has a wonderful approach towards vulnerability and transparency, something that I really value when consuming and becoming a part of a community. 

Prior to Simple Studios I studied in Otago and thoroughly enjoyed my time surrounding myself with beautiful friends, especially that of wonderful and intelligent women. I gained so much more than just a degree and will cherish most the memories made with the people I’ve met. I learnt to lean on others for support and to be a shoulder when others needed it. 

Being completely open, this first year out of Uni has been a struggle. In most scenarios, passion is what I truly rely on to get me through my day-to-day life. I felt pressure to get a graduate role like many of my friends had successfully gained, yet I knew deep down this wasn’t what I desired, and often it made me feel like a failure - had I really just wasted all this money on university!? Having not found that passion career wise, I recently realised it was time to look at what I value, and from that, see if it could become a job for me. And here we are! 

I have always been a creative person, partaking in dance and the arts from a young age. For me, post-injury, this transpired into falling in love with pilates as a form of rehabilitation and mental clarity. I now teach pilates which is something that Sam and I are looking to implement into the Simple Studios community (watch this space!). I can finally say that I'm doing things I truly care for and I couldn’t feel more grateful for being ‘stuck’ at the start of this year as it led me straight to Sam’s doorstep. I am immensely excited to grow with Simple Studios and gain more traction on supporting the wonderful women we have on board.


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