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I've Got this

A part of being a business owner for me means having to learn how to self motivate and take action. I recently learnt from my business coach Em Gee at Bethinkdocoaching the gap vs. gain mentality. The gap mindset is where we measure our progress against the idea or dream we’ve envisioned whereas the gain mindset is about looking back at where we’ve come from, the distance we’ve travelled since and the outcomes that we’ve achieved to appreciate the gains we’ve made.

I’ve also been listening to episode ‘#289 How to overcome fear and achieve your dream with Lisa Bilyeu’ by Feel Better Live More. The host Dr Rangan Chatterjee speaks with Lisa Bilyeu on confidence and taking action. Lisa asks the question: what if the ‘when’ you’re waiting for never comes? When I have more time I’ll start my blog. When I’m happier I’ll start losing weight. When I’ve finished university I’ll start building a business I dream of. When I’m better at sewing I’ll start my brand.

So Lisa said, how do you get started even when you’re insecure or doubting yourself? For her she takes her insecurities, accepts what she’s not good at, embraces it and moves forward anyway. Lisa says it’s in the action you build the competence and from the competence comes confidence so confidence is actually the by-product of taking action.

Over the past year of business I’d say I’ve learnt how to accept my weaknesses and take action regardless, for me though, it’s important to also have a visual reminder that ‘I’ve got this’ regardless of where I’m at in the process. I designed some minimalist stickers so that I can have them in places and spaces I need the visual reminder. They're the vinyl stickers from stickerdot which are perfect as they are more durable. I’m so excited to have these visual reminders and can’t wait to start sharing them with you in our orders from now on. Because they are vinyl stickers you can place them anywhere, on the back of your car, phone case, laptop or drink bottle!

It’s so special to me that we can add a simple yet powerful touch to your pieces, we’ve only got one mind for the entirety of our lives so why not make it a good one and I can’t think of a more simple way than placing some easy stickers around for our minds to ingest. Thank you for reading, please check out stickerdot if you’re thinking about getting a strong message out into the world for people to see. It can be just as simple as ‘I’ve got this’ because sometimes that’s all we need. 


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