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How To: Afford Your Dream Piece

6 Steps to buying whatever you want.

Step 1: Shift your money mindset 

Money mindset. Being abundant in money isn’t always just about earning lots, or putting 50% of your income away into savings. Having financial freedom is all about being financially aware. Not aware of what you don't have, but being aware of what you do. This can be a challenging concept to practice at first, but as you look around, start to notice the areas of your life that have great abundance.

For example; do you have a spare movie voucher that your friend gifted on to you? Free money. Those emails in your inbox with discount codes. Free money. One mint plant in your garden that caught like wildfire and is now a full market of herby goodness. Free money. Did someone shout you lunch or a coffee this week? You guessed it… free money (and a bunch of kindness). 

When we start to notice the areas we’re abundant in, it’s hard to stop. It’s now something which Sam and I practice weekly, writing an abundance list of things that happened to us, to remind us of all the success in the little things. It works to shift the money mindset away from a fearful, forever out-of-reach concept, into one that makes money accessible and ready to grab when we want it. 


Step 2: Get real with yourself

Look at your life and get real about your wants and needs. In some capacity, we’re told from a young age that needs are worth our money and wants are not. However we have a different perspective. Wants often are our needs, it reflects how we enjoy and get the most out of the life we’ve been given. More often than not, these can be unconventional and variant across different people and demographics. 

When you cut out all the distractions and temptations from loud marketing schemes that tell you what you “need” - look at your life and ask yourself - what is it that I truly desire? (this is just a fancy word for want!)

Is it your favourite flowers that brighten your room to make it a more comforting space? Is it a candle with a reminiscent scent that signals time for relaxation and rest? Is it a specific mug which makes your morning coffee taste that much better? Or a pair of pants that no matter your mood, makes you feel good and ready to tackle the outside world. All of these things are not your conventional needs, but why would you pass up the opportunity to experience that much extra excitement and joy in your average day-to-day life. My one is a khaki linen robe, an item that makes getting out of bed in the morning that much easier.


pink flowers with candles

3: Use your wants

Now that you’ve thought about what you specifically want and need (collectively!) - it's time to keep them and the feelings they elicit on your radar whilst you’re shopping. Will this item bring me joy? Will it enhance my day-to-day life? Will it be comfortable, every single time I wear it? And finally, in a month's time, will it still do all of these things - what about in a year? 

This brings me to the next point. 


4. If you want it, you can wait for it

There's nothing like waiting for a concert that you bought tickets to months ago. It’s part of what makes finally being at the event so special. Today, waiting for something is no longer a common concept. We have everything we could possibly “want” at the touch of a button. If we have to wait too long, we lose interest, and shift our attention to something else that’s not quite as desirable to us, but "it’ll do". The only problem is, the fulfilment is never quite the same. That excitement is only fleeting, and by the time the postage boxes get to the recycling bin, the novelty has already worn off. 

I waited approximately 2 months for my robe. It sounds silly, but I had an idea in my mind about what I needed. It had to be lightweight, smooth on my skin, earthy-toned in colour, and long lasting. I searched everywhere - online, in stores, secondhand. And I slipped up. 

All the ones I found that matched my description were upwards of $150. At the time, this felt like a ridiculous amount to spend on a dressing gown. So I did what we all do and found my immediate fix, through a $30 second-hand version of regret. It arrived; scratchy, too pale, and without a tie. It hung in my wardrobe for 3 weeks whilst I tried to convince myself it was fine. Not to be dramatic, but it wasn’t fine! So, my search continued until I realised I’d found it, I just hadn’t wanted to pay for it. 

I recognised that if I really wanted it, I could wait until I was ready to securely pay for it. A clue to how much this ‘perfect robe’ meant to me was that even once I had wasted $30, I wanted it more now than ever before. So, I put away $37.50 each week for 4 weeks. Every time I put that money away, my excitement for this seemingly insignificant robe grew. 

I purchased my robe, and it’s perfect. And it's felt perfect each time I’ve worn it since then.  


robe hanging on wardrobe door


5. Waiting is saving, and saving is wanting

Once we learn that it’s okay to wait for the things we really want, we can begin to value our money and be confident in where we are spending it. 

This is where saving comes in. I know I said that being smart with money isn't necessarily about saving. However, it does help us to be conscious and intentional with our purchases. Regularly putting away money to save for an item can be more about realising how strong our desire is for that particular piece. This provides us with security, that once the item has been purchased, it will create that elation in every future use or wear. 

Where to now, you ask? Step 6.


6. Our Conscious Shopping Hack 

Conscious Shopping Hack title on image of boxes

We’ve curated a saving scheme that guides you through this process. We’ve established it with our Simple Studios products in mind, however we’re all about you bettering your own mindset, so feel free to use this for whichever products you know you want to buy. 

The best part, it’s FREE. Add that to your abundance list.  

Each plan consists of a savings scheme depending on when you want to purchase the item - here’s a fun little game to confirm your want/need - how long are you willing to wait? Choose either your 1 month, 2 month, or 3 month plan. 

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Your efforts are seen.


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