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Ceramics By Clarisse

"I started making ceramics as a hobby at the start of the pandemic last year. I fell in love with ceramic making because it’s such a creative, slow and thoughtful process. I then decided to just share my pieces through Ceramics by Clarisse on instagram. 

Since then, Ceramics by Clarisse has evolved to celebrate functional art. I see value in things that last, so I wanted to create unique art pieces for everyday use. Through my brand, I just want people to realize how creative they are and to celebrate that."

Find more of Clarisse’s work on instagram here or her website here

Get to know a bit more about Clarisse and her brand from the questions I asked her below.

Why do you love designing and creating your pieces?


I like expressing how I see the world through my ceramics. I’m drawn to bold colours and quirky shapes which I think represents my art style. It’s the best feeling to see what’s in my head become its actual physical form and existing in the world.


What does being creative mean to you and how does it enhance your identity?


Being creative is so important to me because it’s about being yourself and the best part is there’s no right or wrong. It’s completely you in your own world. My daily reminder to myself is that we all have creative ideas and no one else except you can make that idea a reality.


What is one thing you would like to share with someone who’s just starting out with their creative passion that would be helpful for them?


If you love it, give it everything you’ve got. People will naturally fall in love with it too. If it doesn’t work out, at least you are left with beautiful products that you can keep for yourself.



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