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A Bit About Kirsty Jensen

Meet Kirsty, Kirsty is a very talented creative and charcoal artist. Her works spans across many different expressions, from photography to videography. Kirsty was my accountability partner on a course we did for high performing woman. Every week we would call and check in on each other for a period of two months. From there things grew organically and we started collaborating at the start of 2022, I asked Kirsty a few questions about her practice below.


Who are you and why do you love being creative? 


I am an artist, creative and deep thinker. I love being able to express emotion and show how I see the world. The forms of art I use are photography, video and drawing with charcoal. I am drawn to the strong contrast of the black charcoal on white paper. It’s dramatic, deep and beautiful. I’m passionate about expression, story telling, capturing moments, evoking emotion and bringing a new perspective. 

What inspired you to start your brand?


After going on a personal development journey with a wonderful group of women, I started to gain confidence in myself and see true value in my work. Art is my calling and I want to share that passion while bringing joy and artistic inspiration to others. I desire to show beauty and magic of nature and life that we don’t usually pay attention to or feel connected with. By bringing a new perspective through art, we can shift the way we see ourselves, others and the world around us.


Any advice for a creative woman wanting to explore their creativity but has no idea where or how to begin?


Every person has a unique perspective of the world and a way to bring it to life is through art. It is an extension of the self. Art isn’t only seen or heard, it’s felt. It’s all about how it makes you feel, as the artist and as the observer. Don’t be afraid to let your feelings and emotions flow into whatever form of art you feel called to. Allow yourself be vulnerable in your expression. There is no right or wrong way of creating art, what matters is that it brings you joy and peace. Experiment with different forms, let your heart flow. There is a world of creativity waiting to be explored. 


Find more of Kirsty’s work on instagram here or on her website here


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