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3 Ways to shift your Mindset with Money for Financial Freedom

How do you feel when you think about money?

A lot of the time we think money is the root of all evil but in reality the problem is with our relationship towards it. Money has no meaning, it is neutral. Let this be the catalyst to start shifting your mindset with the way you think about your money so we can become financially free

Only 23% of women globally take charge of long-term financial planning decisions. This statistic is just one of the many reasons why I’m so passionate about being financially independent as a creative woman but in particular it really ties back into my overall why for Simple Studios. My Mum, Monique, always talked about how she hadn’t done anything with her life as she took on the role of raising my brother and I. This meant she gave up being in the world of business and ultimately her financial independence.

Do you tend to think in scarcity? Never doing enough, making enough? Well then when will you? That’s why it’s important to focus and spend time working on the abundance mindset as it all begins from within. Something that’s ever evolving

‘The mind is everything, what you think you become’

1. Focus on what you already have, the act of gratitude

What we appreciate appreciates, the more we focus on what we do have the more it will continue to flow and circulate. If you live in a scarcity mindset you’ll tend to believe there’s not enough cake for everyone to go around.

Action - Write down everything you currently have that requires you to circulate your money


2. Focus on Growth, problem solve. Anyways the way

People with growth mindsets understand that even if things are challenging and they may not have the best skills to achieve a task, that their abilities are not set in stone. They believe with work and determination their skills will improve over time

Action - Answer these following growth mindset questions

- If it was too easy, how can you make it more challenging?

- What strategy can you try for your next savings goal?

- How will you challenge yourself today with understanding more about your finances?


3. Abundant Affirmations, feel confident with your finances

Putting it simply, the scarcity mindset leaves us feeling overwhelmed, never good enough, and paralyzed and you have probably guessed it the abundant mindset leaves us feeling optimistic, excited and ready to take action. So it’s important we integrate abundant money affirmations into our daily routine. 

Action - Practice integrating daily affirmations. Here is a shameless plug to a few of the phone wallpaper affirmations I have created. We roughly check our phones 58 times a day. It’s the perfect way to start training your brain into the abundance mindset for our money. Money is always listening

If you take anything away from this blog today I hope that at minimum it sparks you to start taking action towards your finances so that we can be financially independent woman and make change for our future



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