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100 days consistent and a new journey

Today marks 100 days of my 100 day consistency challenge posting 1 instagram post a day for (you guessed it) 100 days.

I started on March 24 2022. I was inspired by Kristy Campbell from Pinky Pony Creative as she talked so much about her 100 day design challenge and how it had not only opened up many opportunities for her but also how it released the pressure on herself by spending unnecessary time ‘perfecting’ designs when they didn’t necessarily need it. 

I was captivated by her essence and her challenge. I was spending so much time worrying about what to share on social media, from the caption to the aesthetic that sometimes a single instagram post was taking me well over an hour to create, and sometimes I wouldn’t actually like what I created and so didn’t even post the thing I spent so long creating in the first place! This left me feeling unmotivated and inconsistent. So I decided to put a little spin on the ‘100 day design challenge’ and instead commit to my own 100 day consistency challenge. The initial intention was to build consistency and to show myself that I can do whatever I set my mind to, even if it did just mean posting an instagram post a day.

I’ve surprised myself so much more than I anticipated I would’ve. I thought I’d share with you the journey and a new venture that I’m embarking on, which has resulted from committing to this challenge.

1. The beginning

In the beginning nothing felt too different, I was still winding myself up about what to post and how it should look, this mindset took a few weeks to shift. But as time went on because I had to post that day if it was late and I still hadn’t posted, I would just post what I had on hand, no overthinking, a simple caption and I had done it.

2. Finding my groove

After my mindset shifted around thinking my post needed to be perfect or that what I shared was final I started to feel a sense of peace and calm. I also found myself coming up with so many new ideas, I was motivated. Whereas before I felt I struggled to even know what to write let alone how it should look. This period was carefree and exciting.

4. Finding Clarity

Through my motivation peak, the most exciting result came to me - I found a lot of clarity in the vision of Simple Studios. Having this clarity made everything make so much sense. I was wasting so much energy dividing myself into two avenues so this clarity was super freeing. I’ll share this new clarity with you soon

5. The final slump

Not going to lie the last few days and probably even weeks of this challenge felt draining and somewhat pointless. I was doubting myself and questioning what the purpose of even completing this meant. But above everything it meant so much more to me to show up and build trust in myself. That I would do what I said I was going to do and I think that’s been one of the coolest things about this experience. This challenge was for me and I’m so proud of me for actually doing what I said I would.

6. Celebration

It wasn’t until I did a self development course with Briony Mckenzie from Untapped that I realised the simple importance of actually celebrating. Big and small, so that’s exactly what I did. I had a high-school friend of mine over for the day - we went and bought some herbs for the vege garden and chatted over a homemade leek and potato soup. Simple, connected, supported and proud. The perfect way to celebrate myself.

Tips for the challenge

If this has sparked your fancy to embark on your own challenge, however you choose to interpret it I have a few tips

Plan ahead, OR prioritise. Everyday I’d get to the afternoon or later in the day and I still hadn’t posted, this wasn’t necessarily a bad thing but it meant that for some days it would play on my mind a lot more than it needed to. If I'd done it first thing in the morning it'd be done and I could focus on the day in its entirety.

Accountability, ultimately this challenge was for me but if I hadn’t given myself any external accountability at all I think it would have been a very different result. Enrolling friends and family in the challenge with me made it so much more enjoyable.

Sam Business Mentor For Creative Women

From new found clarity, Here’s the new journey, Welcome to Simple Studios with Sam

Lastly, as I mentioned at the beginning of this blog - From finding a lot of clarity through this challenge it became very obvious to me where my strong passion lies.

I’m so excited to share with you ‘Simple Studios with Sam’

Simple Studios has always been a big part of me and who I am, however it looks a lot different from when we first began. Simple Studios originated from my own creative interest and entrepreneurial desire where I sold custom illustration art prints. It was offering these illustrations that I learnt first hand what goes into behind the scenes of running a product based creative business. From producing the products, to accounting, website design, dispatch, marketing and more. I realised this was also a struggle for other creative women. Too much time is absorbed into the administrative side of running a business as opposed to creating, leaving us working in the business rather than on it.

If you've read my story you'll know that my mum suddenly passed in early 2020. I'd always wanted to pursue Simple Studios properly but never had the confidence. So after mum passed it gave me a new perspective and I thought if I don't give my passion a shot now, I never will. From a love for business and entrepreneurship Simple Studios with Sam was born - feeling my own sense of loneliness and understanding of all the behind the scenes of business I found my love for supporting creative women. I love ideating and the growth aspect that comes with the start-up lifestyle and I’m so excited to be offering more support, community events and accountability for product based Creative Business Women.

I currently have three packages available with different tiers of support, from 1:1 monthly accountability to industry expert speaker series events. I'm really proud of what I have to offer so please get in touch here if you are interested in joining the Simple Studios Community or check out the information page here


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