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How To: Afford Your Dream Piece

6 Steps to buying whatever you want. Step 1: Shift your money mindset  Money mindset. Being abundant in money isn’t always just about earning lots, or putting 50% of your income...

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Meet Cam

Hey I'm Cam, the newest addition to Simple Studios! I met Sam last Summer through Sarah (my good friend and Sam’s-boyfriend's-sister) where she told me about what she does and...

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I've Got this

A part of being a business owner for me means having to learn how to self motivate and take action. I recently learnt from my business coach Em Gee at...

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Meet Abby Morgan

Ever since she can remember, drawing has been a tool for Abby to explain herself. She’s always found relief in drawing something, be it a doodle, a flower or even...

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Milly Mead

Milly and I met through a self development course, her and I found to have a natural organic connection and have been collaborating ever since. We had a chat about...

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Cheers to you Mum

Today marks two years since my world completely flipped on its head. I still vividly remember it like it was only a few months ago. It was our first nationwide...

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Cooking with Mimi O'Callaghan

I love that creativity can be expressed in so many ways. Mimi, a close friend of mine and someone I lived with for a few years, always inspired me with...

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A Bit About Kirsty Jensen

Meet Kirsty, Kirsty is a very talented creative and charcoal artist. Her works spans across many different expressions, from photography to videography. Kirsty was my accountability partner on a course...

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2022 is the year of you

By Kimberley Sare After the last two years, anyone could be forgiven for feeling a bit flat as we near the end of the first month of 2022. Career uncertainty,...

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